What is it about Bath Time that Brings out the Chaos?

Walk out of the room for a minute come back to find the floor flooded.
Claire is screaming because she is now soaked by all the splashing.
Pull her out and stand her on the floor.
Must now get Quinn out for he must be the last one in and the first one out because of habit of pooping in the tub.
Claire is now crying again.
Jake is relishing the fact that he is the only one in the tub begins to butt bomb splash.
Waves of water are sent splashing onto the floor, again.
Swat Jake on the butt to make him stop flooding the bathroom
Narrowly miss getting peed on by Quinn.
Turn to deal with Claire who’s screaming has gotten worse.
Realize its because she has peed on the floor and that I am now stepping in it.
(She gets totally freaked out when she pees with out a diaper on.)
Jake is once again butt bomb splashing and now he must get out of the tub.
Pull him out and realize that ‘little swat’ was a lot harder than I thought as evidenced by the red hand print on his backside.
Feel really, really, really guilty, give Jake extra love and tickles.
Happily, he leaves bathroom to run naked through the house.
Please, please please don’t pee on the carpet.
Clean up floor pee puddle
Clean up counter pee puddle.
Lotion and dress Quinn.
Lotion and dress Claire.
Send them down to Daddy for milk cups.
Call for Jake.
Wipe huge lake size puddle from floor.
Drain tub.
Dress Jake.
Gather all 10 towels used to dry children and the floor.
Realize that I totally forgot to actually wash the children.
Oh well, I guess that is what tomorrow night is for.

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