Help! I Am Knee Deep In Twitter-Angst!

I am on Twitter. Didn’t know that, well now you do. What is Twitter? Well, I am going to tell you what I know and don’t know for that matter.

Twitter is simply answering the question, “What are you doing?” Think of it like this, it is a macro (very, very small) blog post right in the moment about what is going on. It is a way to communicate with people. These people that you ‘communicating’ with are your followers, they are the ones who get to see your Tweets.

There is a whole video tutorial that you can watch that is explains it much better if you go to the site,

There are a lot of people, some pretty famous people, on Twitter. Everyone from the local new paper writer to President Obama is on Twitter. I think it is save to say that Twitter is pretty darn popular.

So I have been Tweeting on Twitter for a while. I signed-up because some very funny bloggers were on Twitter and I wanted more and more of their funny. It was fun. I made a tweet here and there and then more people started to follow me and then more and now, I have almost 120 followers.

But this is where my confusion begins. Most of the people that follow me are bloggers who, I am assuming found out that I was on Twitter because of a visit to the blog. I ‘know’ who they are. But then there are some that I have no idea where they came from or why they are following me. I mean why does a person who has hundreds or thousands, that’s right there are some people who have thousands of followers, want to follow me? I am flattered really I am but seriously?

How do these people know that they like me? I mean, you only get about 2 sentences worth of stuff to say and I know for a fact that mine stuff is not that great. And since you only get people for that short of time the pressure to make really good tweets is intense. In a blog post, I can draw you in, get you interested and make you want to stay. But that just can’t be done in 140 characters.

Now once you have hundreds or thousands of followers what do you do? If you have hundreds or thousands of people following you and you are following that many people, how in the world do you keep up with them?

I follow most of the people that follow me but I can’t even begin to read all the tweets that they make. I tried to send them all to my phone, which was really cool, until I got my cell phone bill. Lets just say that there is a lot of tweeting going on and I am really paying the price.

So what is a person to do? I think that there are sites out there to help but they just confuse me. What the heck is TweetDeck, twhirl, TweetGrid twitterfeed,TwitterFon, TwitterRide? I have Googled and read about it but still have no idea what they are.

Another thing that I am confused about is that people say Twitter is social. It doesn’t seem very social to me. It is not really an instant message system it seems too delayed. But there are people getting together on forums. How and where do you find these forums? And what in the world is #________ after each tweet?

I like Twitter I really, really do and please don’t stop following me, I like the attention but I am just confused and a bit lost. So please, won’t you help me? Share what you know. All this Twitter stuff is kind of making me Twitter Terrified and giving me Twitter-angst.

I am thinking a Twitter Tutor is in order. Anyone willing? The pay will suck but you will make one blogger/Twitterer very happy.

So How Do You Twitter?


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