Easter Dresses Can Be For Boys Too, Right?

All you mothers out there with daughters, you have been holding out on me. Why did you not tell me about this? Why did you keep this from me? I thought that we were better friends and bloggy buddies. You so should have warned me about this. I so needed to be warned about this!

What in the world am I rambling about? Well the simply adorable Easter/Spring dresses that are out there for little girls.

You see, I knew that they were out there but I didn’t really KNOW that they were out there. I have been mainly confided to the boys section of the stores.

Claire is the only little girl in the family, not only in our family but in the extended family as well. So a lot of her clothes were gifts or donated from friends who had little girls (LOVE me some hand-me-downs).

I really didn’t have to do a whole lot of shopping for her and when I did, I did it on Ebay or through yard sales. With 4 kids, this is really the way to go and bedsides, I want my kids to be able to play in their clothes and not have to worry about ruining them. So I really was not aware of all the little girl clothes that were out there, until now that is.

For Christmas, the babies were given some clothes that would not fit them so I was able to take them back to Macy’s and get store credit. I found this delightful. I was going to use this credit to buy the babies some nice Easter clothes.

I had planned to get one out fit for each baby.
I had planned to get an out fit for 2 boys and 1 girl.
I had planned this, until….

I walked into the Children’s section at Macy’s and was accosted by all the pink, floral, lacy, frilly, over the top cute, dainty, beautiful little girl dresses and the shoes, don’t even get me started on the shoes.

They seriously took me hostage and I just couldn’t leave. Really, I couldn’t. I was surrounded. Each one I picked up was more beautiful than the last and Claire just needed to have one or so.

I left the store with 4 ‘outfits’ as planned, ok not exactly as planned but you weren’t there. I now hope that a good rummage through all the hand me down boxes will produce something for the boys to wear. Unless of course, you think that the boys could wear a dress…….

My other hope is that Claire will agree to wear the darling white patent leather bow shoes that I also got her instead of her usual choice, Jeff’s shoes.


0 thoughts on “Easter Dresses Can Be For Boys Too, Right?”

  1. If I had girl first and then a boy. He would get all of her dresses,skirts,tights,socks,shoestoys too if the people see the boy in a dress I do’nt care what they say about him in a dress so there

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