A Nutritious Food That Kids Will Actaully Eat

One of the responsibilities of being a mother is to feed your children. In the beginning it is pretty easy, bottle with formula or breast feeding.

Then as they grow, new foods come into the picture. Our kids palate is our to shape and mold. As their mothers we can expose them to many tastes and textures in the hopes that they will like the good stuff more than just the sweet stuff.

Now this is not an easy task. Sometimes kids don’t really like the food that you prepare for them. Even though there is no logical reason for them to turn their noses up to it. It can also be a battle to get them to eat what is good for them versus what is not so good for them. It is a delicate balancing act.

Well, I think that I have found a nutritious food that my kids will eat no matter what. It holds the right balance of nutrition and sweetness that they kids love. It is full of vegetables and my kids actually ask for more of it.

Are you just dying to know what this miracle food is? Well, wait no more. The food that my kids will always eat is….


That is right folks. My kids L.O.V.E ketchup. They seriously can’t get enough of it and I love it because they are eating a vegetable (tomatoes with all that yummy lycopene).

If I put ketchup on any food they will eat it and sometime if I am feeling crazy and extra nice, I just skip the food and give them a bowl and a spoon. Its a ketchup free for all. Their little ketchup covered smiles are all the thanks that I need.

Oh they just love it and it does my Mommy heart good to see them eat something that they love and that is good for them. I think this is definitely a score for mommy.

So there you go. Consider yourselves let in on this little secret. You can all thank me later.


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