Operation Bottle Removal is Done

To read the Operation Bottle story from the beginning, go here.

So this afternoon, we did it. We packed all the bottles away. For most of the week, I had been talking to the babies about the fact that today the bottles were going to go away.

After their nap, I got out all the bottles, we ‘played’ with them for a little while and then I told them that we had to say ‘Bye Bye’ to the bottles and pack them away in a box because they were big boys and girl now and don’t need a bottle any more.

The babies were actually excited about this. They seems to like gathering them all up and putting them away. Once the box was full and closed tight, and as I wiped away a quick tear from the eye, that was that.

The bottles are gone. Done.

I was expecting some protesting after their bath when they usually get the bottle but there was none. We filled sippy cups with milk, warmed them slightly, and they took to the milk cups like a fish to water.

It was no big deal.

Hopefully, this is not just beginner’s luck. Hopefully, it will continue. It will be interesting to see what happens later when they wake up for a bottle. Who knows, maybe just maybe they won’t wake up at all. But that might be pushing my luck a little too much.


I am glad it went well, I really am. I didn’t really want there to be a big mess of crying and tears but couldn’t they just have had one tear? Well, one tear other than mine. I mean the fact that there were none just shows yet again, how big they are getting. They are so not babies any more but they will always be my babies.

*sniffle, sniffle*


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