A Hot Date

I had a very special date with my favorite 4 year old. This ‘date’ just fell into my lap earlier in the week and I am so glad that I jumped at the chance (Thanks, Nonna). Although, Hayden did tell me that I should have “had a better plan” because he was “going to be up very late on a school night.”

But even with that in mimd, we still went. We got all dressed up in our ‘church clothes’ and went out to see a show.

What show did we see? Well, we got the opportunity to see Disney on Ice. Lets just say that Disney doesn’t do things half ass’d. I, myself, really enjoyed the show and I am pretty sure that Hayden enjoyed it too because his little 4 year old full of energy boy butt never moved from the seat. That alone was worth every penny for the tickets.

He was memorized by the show and I know that he really did loved every minute even though the answer to the question, ‘What was your favorite part?’ was “I liked the ending best because then it was over and we got go home.”

But I am pretty sure that was the answer because he was just tired because not 10 minutes after we were home, he looked like this.

All in all, this was a really special night for me. I loved being able to spend some one on one time with Hayden. He is such a neat little person. I really enjoy seeing the world through his eyes.

So Thanks Hayden for staying up extra late on a school night and spending some time with your dear old mom. You made my heart happy.


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