Writer’s Workshop: Blog to Book

You know, if you are told something multiple times, you might just start to believe it. People have told me on more that one occasion that I should write a book.

My mom has told me this a lot but she is my mom, she has to be loving and supportive. I think that is how come there are so many people out there that think that they can sing and then audition for American Idol and make the cut because they are so sure they can sing but end up down right terrible. It was because of their mom.

Now I am not say that moms, myself included, should not be supportive of our children, I am just saying that before you believe that you are good at something you should hear it from a few more people other than your mother.

And I have totally gotten off point, lets see where was I going with this….. oh yes.

I have been told my more than a few people than I have a talent for writing and should write a book. I find this hard to believe. I do enjoy writing but I don’t think that I could write a book. I have no idea what I would write it on. But then my mom (there goes that mom support again) told me that I should turn my blog into a book.

What? No? My little blog couldn’t be a book. I know that you like reading it but I don’t think that it is something that people would actually pay money to read. There are WAY better bloggers aka writers out there than me, they are the ones that someday I will pay money to buy their books.

But now the idea is in my head. I think about it, I really do…. a lot. What it would be like to write a book? What it would be like to work with an editor? What would it be like to put the pieces together from my blog and my journal to make a book. A book about having triplets.

I have even gone so far as to think about what I would write as the forward of the book.

Family. It is one of the American dreams to have a family. Find a husband, get married, make a family. This is what I wanted, it was one of my goals in life. I had the husband and I now wanted to have kids. But I soon found out that finding the husband was the easy part. The road to having kids was long and filled with many surprises the biggest of which was having triplets. One kid plus triplets, 4 kids under 4. How in the world does a parent begin to handle that? I honestly still don’t know but I do it everyday. It is not easy and sometimes it is down right difficult but to rewards in the end are unimaginable. I now have my family. It is in no means traditional, it is in no means perfect, but it is mine. Family.

That or something like that is how I would want my book to start. I don’t really think that I will ever have a book. But it is fun to think about and hey, a girl can dream, right?

This lovely dream brought to you by one of the prompts for
Writer’s Workshop sponsored by Mama Kat.
Go see who else, can dream.

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