Tuesday’s Tribute: A Love Poem

Jake saw me at the computer and asked me if I could help him make a tribute post about his most favorite thing in the world. He had a poem all thought out about his blanket. I just typed it as he told me.

Oh blankie, so soft and comfy
I need you when I get a bumpy.

When Mom washes you, I get so mad.
There is no other to be had.

I must be with you all day long.
To leave you behind is just so wrong.

I must eat with you on my lap.
I take you with me for every nap.

You are one of a kind, this is true.
Mom, can’t find another one that is new.

I know, a cow says “Moo”.

I love you so my bestest friend, my blankie blue

I guess he kind of lost it at the end (he is only a year and a half), sorry. But you get the idea, he really, really loves his blankie. Good poem, Jake!
Now just to prove that love, he next wanted to do a photo shoot together.
Enjoy the blankie love.

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