He Can Actually Do Something Beside Jump Off the Couch

Hayden has really been into coloring lately. It is not uncommon for him to go into his art supplies and get out his favorite coloring book and markers.

He was doing just this as I was making lunch. In one of my passes by the table, I stopped to watch him.

My heart just swelled with pride and joy. Hayden is quite the rambunctious little boy and does my heart good to see him sitting quietly.

As I turned to walk away, I looked down at what he was actually coloring. I stopped dead in my tracts. He was doing a really, Really, REALLY good job. He was staying in the lines and everything.

The picture looked like it was something that Jeff had colored and certainly not something a 4 year old colored. Right then and there I knew he was gifted. Kindergarten testing is going to be a breeze, he is going to knock their socks off. Shoot, maybe they will just put him right into first grade.

As I wrapped up all the gloating in my head, I looked down at Hayden and his coloring one more time. And there is was, the thing that crushed all my dreams of a gifted and talented child, The Color Wonder Book.

The coloring book that only allows you to color on the special paper and in the respective lines.


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