A Tale fo the Video Game Woes

Look at them there, sitting together playing video games. They are just so darn cute. Hayden is taking after his Daddy in his love of video games, like father like son. I just love it…


Hayden has really, I mean really, gotten into video games. First is was the computer. Fine, I can handle the computer, although it did cut into my blogging time but I can work with that.

Then it was the Leapster. Hayden got one for Christmas. I liked this. It got him off my computer and out of my hair and the best part was that it is educational. He is learning reading skills and math skills.

Now Hayden has moved onto the Nintendo DS. It really amazes me how quickly he has picked it up. He is really good, the little bugger.

But it is all he wants to do. I tell him that it is time to put the DS away and he goes for his Leapster. I say no to that and he goes for the computer. Any issues with this? Possibly.

Now the events of the other day were what really put me over the edge and made me really annoyed with this whole video game thing.

Hayden is quietly playing the DS, after a good long break from it I might add, when suddenly, I hear blood chilling screaming. I was expecting to see some one ripping his limbs off one by one or at the very least blood every where.

It is was so terrible sounding that I high-tailed it into the room. Now you must understand, I usually don’t stop what I am doing for screaming. There is always some one crying or screaming about one thing or another. But this scream, well it made me stop.

But what do I find to cause of this screaming? It was the fact that the batteries were dead on the DS. Dead batteries on the video game, I tell you. Oh the horror!

Now if that was not bad enough just a few hours later, Hayden was up in his room playing the DS (he moved up there to escape the babies). But when I called him down for snack, he had different pants on. It took me a minute to notice and when I did, I questioned him.

Me: Hayden, Why do you have different pants on?

Hayden: I had a little accident.

Me: What? Where?

Hayden: In my room while I was playing Princess Peach (aka the DS).

I run up stairs to check things out and what I find is just mind blowing. I find his soaking wet pants and underwear in the hamper (good place, I know) and two puddles on the floor from where Hayden stood up and let the urine run down his pant legs onto the floor.

Me: HAYDEN!!! Did you just stand here and pee on the floor because you were playing the DS? We DO NOT pee on the floor! You need to go pee in the potty! If you have to go pee, you need to STOP playing and go. You can’t just stand up and PEE!

Hayden: But Mom…. I told the truth.

What is a mother to do? Blame Daddy, of course. But Jeff doesn’t really understand why because as he so lovingly pointed out, he has never just peed while playing video games. Stay up all night and then went to work the next day, yes but never just stood up and peed.


Just another Wordful Wednesday Post. Hosted by Angie.

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