The Interview of Randomness

There is a meme that has been going around the blogosphere where you are interviewed by one blogger. One blogger is interviewed and the posts the answers and then asks if other bloggers want to be interviewed by him or her.

I wanted to play but I asked 2 of my favorite bloggers to ask me questions. What can I say, I just have a need to answer questions. So here it goes.

Em, from Life, Liberty and the Pursuit… played this and she asked me

1. Name one moment in your life when you were very proud of yourself (non child related!).

The moment that I am most proud of is the moment that I looked at my nursing license for the first time. I was such a sense of accomplishment. I had worked and studied really hard for this and I have wanted it for so long. There was nothing else that I could see myself doing. I always wanted to be a nurse. And finally after many years of studying, there is was. I could finally touch and fulfill my dream.

2. Which superpower would you choose a) being invisible? b) reading people’s minds? c) stopping time?

I would want to read people’s minds. But I also want to have the power to turn that power on and off at will.

3. What would your superhero name be?

The Incredible Stretching Belly. Back from my pregnancy days, one which yielded a 10lb 10oz kid and the other yielded 16lbs of babies.(But just so you know, it has totally failed in shirking back to its original size.)

4. Name your top three crushes – real, fictional, past or present.

I have had some crushes on some of the doctors that I work with.
(I will NOT name names)

Legolas from Lord of the Rings

Captain Jack Sparrow

Lula! from Lulaville also played and she asked me

1. Your family & friends decide to throw you a fabulous birthday party and you get to choose the entertainment. Money is no object. Whom would you want to perform (musician, comedian, etc.), and why?

For mine party, I would want to have some of my favorite Food Network Stars come and ‘perform’ or cook for me. Like Giada de Laurentiis, Bobby Flay and Rachael Ray. I want to watch them cook, actually sample their food, learn from them. I would be in heaven. Why? I am a total Foodie that is why. Also, Sugarland would be playing the music.

2. Everyone is gifted with a talent of some kind. What is yours?

I can’t say, its a family blog. Just kidding. I really hate this question because I don’t like to toot my own horn but I have been told that I am a good singer, a good writer, a good listener and a good teacher.

3. You’ve been given an entire day do to whatever you want, by yourself, and a purse full of money. How will you spend your day of “me time?”

I would find a day to make the day longer than 24 hours so that I could sleep until I was rested, blog until my fingers hurt, spend time at the spa, go shopping, eat at all my favorite places, see my friends, fly around and visit all my best friend and meet some bloggy friends, read a book or 12, have a nooner, watch TV and just sit and do nothing.

4. Share your fondest memory from childhood.

Weekends spent on the boat. My parents have a boat that we would lake out on the weekends and spend the day at the lake. It was just use playing together at the beach. I will forever cherish these memories.

5. If you had to live in any country other than the United States, where would you choose? Why?

Italy. For the food of course.

So those are my answers. If you would like to be interviewed by me just say so in the comments and I will send you an interview question or five. Now for your viewing pleasure here are some random photos from our weekend of my boys. I like them and that is why I posted them. It is my blog after all. Enjoy!

Jake and Hayden on a pony ride. Hayden is trying to be ‘cute’ by looking over Jake.

Jake and Papa on a horsey ride. Jake has a thing for horsey rides.

Daddy makes such a great place to sit.

Hayden and Grandma made a bird feeder from a pine cone.

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