The Dreaded Question: ‘What’s for Dinner?’

Every single day, dinner has to be made. I really do love to cook but coming up with what is for dinner can be a daunting task and some days all I have the energy for is Rocks and Rubber (aka chicken nuggets and macaroni).

But on most other nights, I do like to make something some what palate pleasing and nutritional. I love looking through food magazine and pulling out recipes that I think my family will like. I change a few things here and there to better suit our needs.

If the family likes it, it goes into a folder where I keep of all my recipes. Well, my folder is about ready to give birth. I don’t think that I could stuff and another recipe in there. So this is why, I have decided to combine two of my loves, blogging and cooking.

I have started a recipe blog. It is mainly for my personal purposes to get my recipes organized but I also thought that maybe others would like to see it. Because if you are anything like me, I am always look for the next good idea to answer the question, “What’s for dinner.”

So with out further ado, I give you Food the Pile Loves.

Are you curious why I have this picture up and why I am so wordful about it.
Well, go check out the new blog,
Food the Pile Loves.

This is just me being Wordful yet again on a Wednesday.
Go see what others have to say.
By the way, did you know that Angie has a recipe blog.

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