Calgon, Take Me Away

In the past couple of days, life and chewed me up and spit me out, twice. I am exhausted and don’t know how much more of this I can take.

The babies are all sick. I finally took them to the doctor today and told him the he needed to fix them. I am done with all the illness. Well, he found ear infections or three so hopefully once the antibiotics kick in they will return to sane little creatures once again.

Work has been super busy lately. I am done with runny my tail off to save lives. Oh wait, that was my chosen career. So I will still save lives but can I do it at a slower pace?

And then there is Hayden. Hayden. Hayden. Hayden. He is just a boy who is going a little stir crazy. That is he making up new games. Like this one, throwing random things in the air to see if he can get them stuck in chandelier. Isn’t that lovely? (and yes, I still have my Christmas stuff up outside. Its cold, sue me)
The worst part of all this is that my blogging is suffering. I hate that. I am so sorry if you commented and I did not get back to see you. I love all my bloggy friends so and it pains me not to return the comment love.

So for now, I ask you to bare with me. I am going to take the weekend off. Get some rest, threaten something terrible if the babies don’t get better soon (we all know that is not true, I will just love and cuddle them until the get better), and hopefully by Sunday or Monday life will return to normal and all my bloggy love juice will be flowing once again.

Have a great weekend everyone. Goodness, I need a vacation!


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