Writer’s Workshop: The Most Difficult Decision

Finally after what seems like hours and hours of cuddling, singing and rocking the baby is asleep. He looks so peaceful, all silent and sleeping in your arms.

Is it time? Has he been sleeping long enough? Can the transfer from arms to crib take place?

This is the most terrifying part of the whole ordeal. Getting sleeping baby from your arms to the crib, all well keeping the peacefully sleeping baby asleep. It can go so well or it can go so terribly wrong if not done at the exact right time.

It would be a crime to wake him up. He was to tired, well actually over tired hence the need for rocking in the first place. He as not going to succumb to sleep on his own come hell or high water. But after some time all cuddly and warm with mommy, rocking until she felt nauseous, sleep came. Sweet beautiful sleep.

Now its time to get him in the crib so mommy can have some much needed mommy time. There was no blogging this morning and mommy has not checked her email in at least an hour. Time to sleep soundly in your crib, little man.

Slowly, every so slowly, one butt check at a time, slide to the edge of the chair. Wait he moved. Stop! Sit… very… still. Silence.

False alarm, it was just a sigh. Continue. From the edge of the chair, we must stand. It is going to have to be quick. One fluid movement that won’t cause the chair to squeak too much. Damn, squeaky chair. Where is the WD40 when you need it. No time for that now, ready… one, two, three….. stand!

Perfect, still fast asleep. He did not even move a muscle. Ever so steadily walk across the room to the crib, not too fast, not to slow, just the perfect pace.

So close, almost home free. Lean over…. Wait! Good God he is moving, stirring, eyes opening. Sway! Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. Shhhhh, little one back to sleep. That’s a good boy.

Whew, that was close. His breathing has settled. He seems to be wrapped in the peacefulness of deep sleep once again. All that is left, is to lean over, lay him down and run.

Pull him away from your body and quickly and gently, place him down as you pull your arms out from underneath him. Then go, RUN, out of the room. He will stir but if you are not seen, sleep will return.

There it is done! He is a sleep in his crib. Yippee!!!! Now it time….. what the….. sh*t, CRYING.

Back to the rocking chair.

Assignment’s complete.
I wonder who else completed the assignment?
Go see Mama Kat.

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