Just When I Thought It Was Safe To Play With Technology

A little over a year ago when I needed a new cell phone, I just wanted one that was a phone. I didn’t want anything fancy, just a phone that would receive and make calls. No photos, no music, no texting, just a phone. Do you know how hard it is to find a phone like that?

So for the past year, I have been very happy with my phone. Until now. A few months ago Jeff trailed a Blackberry from work and it was very cool. But I still wasn’t sold. Then some friends of mine started texting and I couldn’t join in and there was Twitter that could be done from a phone but again I couldn’t.

So this lead to me wanting, no needing, a phone with a full keyboard so that I could get in on the texting action. We did our home work, checked prices, looked around and finally this weekend, I took her home.
*Sigh* Isn’t she just so pretty? She is pink just like my camera and my purse. I now have a matching set.

But now I have a confession to make. I know why this sweet little device can sometimes be called a ‘crackberry’ because oh boy, is it addicting and is it helping me feed my ever growing blogging addiction. And after 2 days of having this lovely little gadget home, I now have the Blackberry Thumb.
So I guess, I am going to have to take it easy for while and let my thumbs recover but wait…did I just hear an alert… yup the light is flashing…what is it a text, an email…Must check…I can’t get it unlocked…darn bandages….

This is all tongue and cheek of course, I am really fine and have no bandages on my thumbs and I certainly don’t have an addiction….


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