Another Member of the Family

I really like how every weekend, Rhea over at Texas Word Tangle (one of my favorite bloggers), spotlights her awesome dog, Annie.
So today, I am going to take a page from her book and introduce you to another member of our family,
that we really don’t see a whole lot.

This is Charlie, our family cat.

He has been around longer than the kids.

He used to be king of the castle with subjects that would cater to his every whim.

It was safe for him to watch TV with us and lay in his favorite spot.
But then came the kids.

The kids absolutely adore him, especially Quinn, much to Charlie’s distaste.

He is a good cat and really tolerates a lot.

When really all he wants to do is hide.

That is why every now and again, I leave a warm laundry basket out so he can crawl in and experience a little piece of kitty heaven.

Good boy, Charlie!
I know life is rough, hang in there.
They will leave the house someday and then you can rule again.


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