What Are You Wearing: The Smell of Deodorant

A while back while at Target, I saw a bin of Secret deodorant. It was on sale for 4 for $2. I was cool with this and grabbed 4 from the bin. I didn’t really pay attention to the scents because it was cheep and I was in need of deodorant.

To me deodorant, it is a necessity, a thing that we must wear every single day. It is not pretty when you don’t wear it. I got the ‘pleasure’ of working with a doctor who didn’t wear deodorant. It was not pretty. You could smell him before you saw him. But this is not my point and I have gotten off track.

So am now on my last bottle of this bargain bin Secret deodorant. Let me tell you there was a reason these scents were in the bargain bin. They are scents that I feel, no one in their right mind would choose (no offense if you like this scent, it is just so not for me).

This last bottle is by far the most annoying. It is call Vanilla Chi but to me is smells like super sweet bubble gum. So through out the day, as it releases it’s scent, I get taken over by the sickeningly sweet smell of bubble gum.
My first reaction is confusion. I can’t place the smell. Then I get annoyed. Why is this smell following me. Then I get mad. The kids must have gotten some bubble gum or candy and they are eating it all over the house and making a huge mess. Then I realize its me.

I can’t tell you how many times during the day this happens. Stupid deodorant!

Next time, you bet your panties I will be paying attention to the scent and maybe even put a little on before I choose one to take home. Kidding, just kidding.

Photobucket src=”http://i287.photobucket.com/albums/ll149/tbuse2002/catwalk_smlEDIT.jpg” border=0>

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