Writer’s Workshop: Is it an Obsession?

I don’t really like the word, obsession. It just sounds dirty. It also sounds like a bad thing.

But I think that it may be what I have when it comes to blogging, an obsession. Blogging is often on my mind from what kind of post to right next or wondering who has posted anything new. I can’t wait to check me email in the morning and I have to check it right before I go to bed.

I am often asked, how I find the time to blog. Well since its an obsession, I have to find the time not to blog. I have never tried it but I think that I could blog all day if even the chance.

I just love hoping around from blog to blog, getting little snippets into other people’s lives. Some posts are funny and some posts are sad but most posts I can relate too. It helps me feel not so alone. There is some one some where in the world going through something similar to me and empathy is a very powerful thing.

So for how it do it? I don’t really know how I do it. I get up a little early to check me email, I stay up a little too late writing, I hardly ever watch TV, I read a blog here and here when I can, I go on post writing marathons when I am inspired. I just do it. When is something that you love, there is always time.

I do know that I am constantly talking to myself and a lot of these ‘conversations’ end up as blog posts. Just when I think that I have nothing to post about, something will happen, the kids will do something funny or crazy. Life is full or fun and interesting things all around me, how can I not write a little bit of it down?

Do I have an obsession? Ask any of my family or friends and they would probably tell you, yes. Its an obsession that most of them don’t understand. Is it a healthy obsession? I think so. Blogging is something I enjoy, something that I do for me. When it starts to feel like work, I will stop.

It is also something that I am kinda good at and feeds my self esteem. I don’t really have any other hobbies so how else should I spend my time? Cleaning the house? No Thank You!

Go See Mama Kat for other completed assignments for this Writer’s Workshop.

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