Quinn’s Big Idea

Every night we eat dinner, much like you, I am guessing. As food becomes ready, I bring it to the table and dish it out on the babies trays to cool.

Waiting for the food to cool is not something that the babies are good at. They are constantly tying to reach up onto the trays to steal a nibble or two.

On this night, Quinn had a plan. He wasn’t going to wait.

He pulled the high chair out, pulled the chair close to the food and started sampling. To make matters worse, this is not even his highchair. It’s Jake’s.

Doesn’t that look just say, Guilty!

After he saw me see his not so sneaky trick, he turned around and started rocking on the chair. As if to say, ‘see mom I was just playing’.

Sorry you have to wait kid, but I am working as fast as I can.

I wonder who else is Wordful Today?

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