Follow the Rules and There Will be Fun for Everyone

We took the kids to Play World the other day. God bless Play World! It is an indoor play place where the kids can climb, run, jump and basically get rid of all their energy. I can tell you that we are going to be frequent fliers to this place this winter.

The kids had an awesome time. It was the babies first trip where they could actually enjoy the toys and such. Hayden has been may times before. He loves the place and works up quite the sweat running around. His head was actually soaking wet and he kept trying to rub it on me. When did he turn into such a boy?

The babies were totally digging the ball pit. They like balls to begin with so when I put them in the ball pit, I thought that their little heads were going to explode.

So all in all it was a good trip. But there was this man there with his son that was kind of annoying me. He never spoke to me but his actions put him on my list. So as a good blogger here is my open letter to him.

Dear First Time Play Word Dad,

Let me just tell you that you have a very cute son. I could tell that you were not used to the whole ‘outing’ thing but you really did do a good job. But I do have a couple things that I need to discuss with you.

First, I have to ask, Do you not see your son very often? Maybe you don’t so I get the whole wanting to capture him on film and in photos. But really, asking him to hold still so that you could get the perfect shot? Did you not notice all the wiggling and tears? He just wanted to play. And in trying to get the perfect shot, which doesn’t exist by the way, you were totally holding up the line. My kids were getting frustrated while you tried to get your son, who seemed to be about 2, to look at your camera. I am here to tell you that it is not going to happen. Trust me. Just take what you can get.

Second, you may not know this but Play World is a place that you need to PAY to get into. Did you think that the cash register was just there for looks? It really does serve a purpose. We had to pay and so should you. Now, I know that the girls working there were not really paying much attention to the door but that was because they were busy handing out cheap, unnecessary ‘prizes’ in exchange for tickets. It is a big deal to kids. You could have waved or called to them. They would have come. It worked for us.

Thirdly and finally, you must have missed ALL (I know its hard to miss like a dozen signs up all over the place) the signs that said that there were no shoes allowed. All shoes were to be taken off and put into little bins behind the counter. You know, the counter where you should have paid at. Thankfully, your son did not step on any of my kids fingers (or I would have really given you an earful) but he did get a couple of other kids. I am surprised you missed it since you were filming the whole thing.

So there. That is it. I know it is not easy being out alone with your kid(s). I like it much better when some one come with me. But for the sake of a fun time, just take this advice from a Mommy who has been there and done that a few times. And hopefully next time you can follow the rules and we all can have a great time.

~A Concerned Mommy.


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