It’s Just Lunch

This is a typical meal time scene at our house. Kids eating lunch, on this day it was pizza and strawberries. No big deal.
But there was something special this day. I got the kids their lunch and then took the opportunity to quickly check my email. I heard some rummaging in a drawer and just as I was going to say something about it, it stopped and I got interested in an email.

When I came back into the room, this is what I see.

Hayden had gotten the babies forks for their pizza and showed them how to use it. He was helping them (he stopped before I could capture it) and was encouraging them to keep using it. It just really melted my heart. I think I stood there forever just watching the whole scene. I almost cried, it was just so sweet.
Hayden is just really surprising me lately. He is just growing up and maturing before my eyes. He is such a good big brother and is so helpful, in his own way and own time, of course.

Go visit Angie and see who else is feeling Wordful on this Wednesday.

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