Not the Only One That Has a Beard

As I am tucking Hayden into bed to night, we were discussing the different hair color and skin color in our family. He grabs my face and runs his hands around the cheeks and then over my chin.

He stops at my chin, “Mom, Did you know that you have a beard!?! One just like Daddy! It is kinda scratchy. You should put some of Daddy’s shaving cream on it to make it all smooth.”

Thanks kid! Why do my kids have to point out all my flaws? If its not my ‘squishy belly’ then its the large zit I am trying to hide or the fact that I have little hairs on my chin. First thing in the morning, I am calling to making an appointment for a brow, chin and lip wax. I can’t make zits go away but I can get rid of the hair.

Then again, maybe I should just let those few hairs grow in hopes of one day having something like this,

Or this,
Or even better yet this.


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