Stop the Mom Abuse!

I am sitting here, reading some blogs. As I read, I reach up to scratch an itch on my forehead. In doing so my hand comes across of very painful lump right on my hair line.

That is kind of odd?
I don’t remember hitting my head today.
Why do I have a big bump on my head?
This really hurts!
What the heck happened?

Oh yes, I remember now. Quinn is going through a new phase. A head butting phase. Isn’t that lovely. Usually I can get out of the way fast enough not to get caught. But not today, he clocked me a good one. I really hope this ends soon.
I already end up with a headache by the end of most days. I don’t need a painful lump to go along with it. How come no one told me that one of the things involved in being a mom is getting head butted by your toddler? I so did not sign up for that!

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