A Bad Case of the Bah, Humbugs

I think that there may be something wrong with me. I think that I am having a malfunction of some sort. I don’t think that I am getting sick or anything but there is definitely something missing. I just don’t feel it. I am just not getting it.

I think that I holiday spirit fairy totally missed me when she was sprinkling holiday cheer all over the place.

I don’t have any Christmas spirit. All around me, Christmas is exploding. People are decorating for Christmas. Lights are going up. Trees are being trimmed. House are all warm and cozy with holiday cheer. And I got nothing. I want to have it but for some reason, it is not there.

Even the fact that it is snowing is not helping. Usually there is nothing like a good solid snow that will put me in the Christmas spirit. But no, all I can think of is how can I get Jeff out there to shovel the driveway so that I don’t have to do it tomorrow.

I have been seriously considering not putting out the Christmas decorations. It all seems like a lot of work and it might even entail some dusting and Lord knows that I don’t dust. I don’t know if I could find the surface to put the Christmas stuff on under all the dust layers.

I don’t even want to put up a Christmas tree. I am actually dreading it. I can just imagine what the babies are going to do to it and all the ornaments. I just know that they will have all the ornaments off and hidden away in 30 seconds flat. I can just hear myself now, “Don’t touch that! Stop! NO! Pretty, Don’t Touch! No! No! NO!!!”

I usually love to bake and fill the house with Christmas cookies, chocolate balls and jelly rolls. But I can barely stomach the thought of making all that stuff. (This might be because I am super full from Thanksgiving leftovers).

And Christmas shopping. I have not even started to think about Christmas shopping. How will I ever get it done and what the heck am I suppose to buy? What am I suppose to tell people to buy for the kids? What orifice am I going to pull the money from?

So you see there is something wrong with me. Am I the only one? It is really starting to get me down, especially listening to Hayden’s excitement in seeing my mom’s house all decorated for Christmas. And hearing his pure joy at seeing all the Christmas lights was killing me. He keeps asking and asking, “When we can make our house look pretty, Mommy.” Well, I am asking the same thing… when?



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