Just Jacob

This is Jacob (aka Jake).

Have you ever taken a picture or a video that just really captures one of your kids. I mean really captures their personality, the kid just being themselves?

Well, I was able to do this with Jake. He is my middle triplet and seems to me to have that middle child syndrome. He really, when it comes down to it, doesn’t require that much extra attention. He is happiest just sitting and playing by himself. Claire and Quinn often pair up and go play but you will find Jake just happily playing by himself in his own little world.

He has always been this way, even from birth. As long as you fed him, he had no worries at all. He is the most laid back but also the most timid and shy of the babies. He really doesn’t like new situations and will try and hide his face when he is feeling overwhelmed.

He has traditionally been the baby to do things last. Quinn and Claire talk, lot. They are saying new words every day. Jake on the other hand, well he has a language all his own. He is actually very vocal and has a lot of things to say. The only problem is that I don’t know what in the world he is saying.


I just love this video. It is just Jake. I don’t know exactly what he is saying but I know that it is something about the pumpkins and the leaves blowing in the wind. I love how he pauses to look around and thinks about things. He is just sitting and taking it all in. Now that is just Jacob.

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