A Case Against Male Eye Sight

I am pretty darn sure that men are blind to things that need to be picked up around the house, Jeff included. And I for one, am sick and tired of having to be the one to put all this crap away. I have gathered my evidence and I am ready to present my case.

Exhibit A

Every time I sit down to pee, I have this little audience. What are these? They are D &D mini’s. Jeff let Hayden play with them. Hayden likes to take them in the bath tube, hence they are in the bathroom.
The last time that Hayden took a bath in our bath tube was at least 3 weeks ago (he has had a bath since them but not in our tub because of the saving cream explosion) and they guys are still sitting on the window sill where Hayden left them to dry, all watching me do my business.
In Jeff’s defense, he doesn’t usually use this bath room to do his business. But he does use it to shower and get ready EVERY morning.Why can’t he just take 2 minutes to put them away? His hands work just as well as mine.

Exhibit B
Again with stuff in the bath tub. These things are there for much the same reason as the above.
In Jeff’s defense, they are by my shampoo so I guess I can kind of see how he could not see them.
But still, I wish that he would open his eyes and next time he gets out of the shower, he would take them with him.

Exhibit C
This bag. We used this bag when we went away for our wine tasting weekend like 2 weeks ago. Here is still sits in the bedroom. I see it every single time I walk into our room. It is really starting to get on my nerves. Yes, I could put it away but again I ask why? Don’t his legs work just as well as mine do to take it downstairs and put it away?

Exhibit D

Are blocks suppose to be on the bathroom counter? No, they are not then how come Jeff put them there instead of walking down stairs to put them away in the container?
This one is partly my fault because after Hayden played with these in the bath tub, I layed them out on a towel to dry. I didn’t put them away.
But Jeff, instead of gathering up in the towel and quickly walking them downstairs to put them away, put them on the counter. I wonder how long they are going to sit there.

Exhibit E

I really don’t know what to say about this one. These are sitting in Jeff’s razors. I know that he shaves every other day. Now wouldn’t you think that these dice would be annyoing? But I guess not because they have been sitting in this same spot for at least a month.
I rest my case. I just don’t get how he can’t see this stuff laying around. I know that is can feel like a losing battle but still we need to try or let the house be over run. It all needs to be put away. It is not going to walk to the correct place by itself. So please, open your eyes and help me!

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