Writer’s Workshop: Creative Writing

This weeks prompts were very clever and I have decided to do a little creative, free writing. I was inspired by an other blogger who is an aspiring novelist. She had been free writing a story for the past couple of weeks and it is good.
I am going to use my imagination and see what happens. I have no idea where this is going to go, or if it will even make sense but hold on because I am letting it all loose.

The Prompt from Mama Kat: You awaken with amnesia in what looks to be an igloo. You have $4 and a rock in one pocket, and a toothbrush in the other. Someone is staring at you. Write this scene.

*shiver* Cold so cold!

Opening her eyes, there is white and cold. She tries to sit up but stops short as a wave of nausea and pain surge through her body. She reaches back to rub her now pounding head. She can now smell the metallic sent of blood and she looks down to see her finger stained in rusty brown color.

Slowly, she steadies herself and sits up. She looks around her cold, icy room, trying to fight off the urge to vomit.

What is this place?

As she reaches her arms around her body to hug herself for warmth, she notices that she is wear a strapless, short, and very revealing cocktail dress. And there is a name tag suck just above her right breast, ‘Ginger.’

She has no memory of this name or this dress. She tries to think about the last few minutes, the last few hours, the last few days but nothing comes to her. Nothing just empty blackness.

Then she feels it, the intruding stare of a stranger. She can feel eyes burning on her chest. She realizes that she is not alone in this cold, icy room.

He is staring at her from across the room. He takes a long drag from his cigarette. He sits on a small wooden chair. It looks much to small to support is weight. He is dressed in a black suit with a heavy black coat draped across his lap. He has a slight smirk across is face.

Who is he? Where am I? What is going on?

But as she tries to speak, her body is overtaken by the chill and begins to shiver uncontrollably. She can’t help it as her teeth begin to chatter and every muscle in her body shakes. The shaking is making her head ache worse and at any moment she fears that she will no longer be able to control her churning stomach.

She is unaware that the man has moved. She does not notice him until he is standing above her. All she can see is black coming over her, she braces herself.

Is it all going to end?

But then she feel the warm scratchy fabric of the coat as he carefully places it around her trembling body. She pulls it closer to herself. She takes in its warmth and breaths deeply.

That smell, I know that smell.

It smelled of burning leaves and the ocean. The coat is warm and comforting. The smell takes her to a place that she can not place. Her mind could not make the connection. Her mind is slow and foggy.

She looks up and realizes that the man is standing above her with his hand out stretched to help her. She looked up at him, this stranger. He was very handsome and the suit fit him like a glove, out lining a very fit and muscular body. His eyes are striking. They seemed to capture her and take her in. When she looked at this stranger, she feels no fear. Her mind could not comprehend what was happening but her heart told her to take his hand.

Their hands entwined. She felt like standing took no effort but was also the greatest strength that she could muster. Her body was yelling at her in pain, her head swam as she was now vertical. She began to see stars and slump back towards the cold ground but for some reason her body did not touch the cold. It was wrapped in warmth and that smell. He smelled like the coat. So familiar, so comforting, so unknown.

He spoke for the first time, “Watch yourself. That is some bump you have. Here lean on me.”

It felt as if she was not even walking. Her body was not supporting its own weight. He took her to the chair and helped her sit.

“Wait here. Don’t try to move or stand, I don’t want you to fall again.”

With that he was gone through a small wooden door next to the chair. She sat, thankful that her stomach seemed to no longer be in her throat and that her head ache had dulled just a bit. She tried to think. Tried to take it all in. She got a chill and reached to put her hands in the pockets of the coat.

When she did her hands touched something. She pulled the items out of her pocket to look at them. She opened her hand and found a rock, 4 pieces of paper that appeared to be money and a stick with a brush attached.

Suddenly, it hit her. Like a shot of lightening, everything was clear. She remembered the events that brought her to this prison, this igloo. Her heart began to race as adrenaline pumped through her veins. She looked up and searched the room. Scanning every inch, looking for it. Then her gaze stopped at the door.

Voices. She heard muffled voices for the first time. The door knob began to turn. She looked for some where to run, some where to hide but there was nothing. Nothing but the chair she was sitting on.

She did not want to see him again. She didn’t know if she could bare that. She had to fight every muscle in her body that told her to run. Her minded raced with through the events of the night.

A plan, I need a plan. I need to get out of here and better yet, get out of here alive.


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