I or I should say ‘We’ Voted

If you are just coming up from under some rock and my blog is the first place you go, then maybe you didn’t know but it is election day. Everyone needs to vote. There is still time, especially in the later time zones.

This was our plan: Jeff will leave work early, come home, load all the kids in the van, drive to the church where we vote, take turns corralling/playing with the kids, vote, drive to the restaurant, meet the rest of the family for Nonna’s birthday dinner, go home.

Yeah Right! Are you as skeptical as I am? I knew that this was not going to work.

Here is what really happened: It all went according to plan! Its a cold night in hell tonight. There was no long line, the kids were a good as gold, we voted, got our little sticker, the restaurant had no wait, food arrived, we ate, had a wonderful time and now the babies are soundly sleeping. I know, I was shocked!

The only thing remotely blogable was the conversation that Hayden and I has where I was trying to explain what voting was and why we were doing it. How in the world are you suppose to explain the election process to a 4 year old? Something I said got him excited because he said this, “Come on, Mom! Let’s go, lets go! We have to vote for our new king.”


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