Leaves and Leaves of Good Times

We have a big back yard full of trees and you know what that means? Lots and lots of leaves to rake.
Well, we used to have to rake them until a couple of years ago when we purchased a leaf blower. Now it is kind of fun to ‘rake’ up all the leaves because we, by ‘we’ I mean Jeff, can now just blow them all into the woods.
But not before we have fun playing in the leaves.

First, Daddy starts to make the pile.

Then Hayden gets a turn and Quinn, smart boy, runs for it.

Claire discovers how fun leaf tossing can be. And that is Jake, whining in my lap. Some one always has to be whining or crying whenever I try to make a video.

Hayden starts to toss leaves at me and the camera. For which, he will be sorry later when I shove some leaves down his shirt, (all in fun I tell you, he was laughing, I promise).

We end the family fun with a race, well it was suppose to be a race but Hayden forgot to tell us the rules, “It was a running-rolling race.”
Daddy was not to into the ‘running-rolling’ thing.


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