How Do You Make That?

So after my post last weekend on the ‘pumpkin’ pancakes, a lot of you wanted to know how it was done. I have to say that this is Jeff’s deal. He is the mastermind that figured it out and has perfected it, weekend after weekend of Pancake Cake Saturday.
He has graciously agreed to share his secrets and tips with you.

First, mix up some pancakes. We use a batter that all you have to do is add water. Jeff could not say how this would work for a ‘real’ batter. That doesn’t mean that you can’t try it .The batter just has to be thick.

Next, separate some of the batter into smaller bowls. Today we are going to make 2 colors, orange and green. There is nothing special here just make the batter what ever color you want. Jeff follows the directions on the food coloring box. Oh and we uses the gel food colors but we don’t see why the liquid drops would not work.

Mix in those colors. This is where Hayden likes to help but he was busy this morning.

Then put the colored batter into plastic bags aka piping bags.

Once the batter is in the bag push it to one corner of the bag. When it is in the corner, you will then cut the tip off the corner of the bag to pipe the colored batter onto the hot grill.

Here just watch for yourselves.
Now, just a word about the movie. There is nothing to it, its kind of long, there was no coffee yet and it was much to early for anything funny or witty.
And sorry for the screaming kids, they don’t like to wait for their pancakes or they just woke up hung over from all the sugar induced craziness.

Here they are cooking away. I bet you are all just a twitter with anticipation as to what they will look like. The kids can’t wait to see them. No wait, they can’t wait to eat them.

Ta-Dah! Pumpkin pancakes!
One tip from Jeff, before you put the white batter over the design/color, make sure that the design has set or the color can run into the white.

Here are some other master pieces that Jeff created this morning. A ‘Buried With Children’ pancake, LOVED it and a ‘Jackson Pollock’ pancake.

Just a word about doing letters or a name; you have to write them backwards or put the mirror image on the grill so that when you turn it over its readable.

Here you can watch Jeff make some more if you want.–_Cd0&
See, I told you Hayden was busy, he found a comic book.

Well, that is it. I hope that you all try this. It really is easy, or at least Jeff makes it look easy, and the kids (I mean Hayden, the babies just like eating) really like this. Usually about Monday, Hayden is asking when it will be Pancake Saturday again and he is trying to come up with designs that Daddy can make for next time.


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