Happy Halloween!

Its Friday and its Halloween! (could it get any better?) Is everyone ready for the sugar induced craziness that the kids are going to be running on is a few hours?
I am just so excited for Halloween, as Hayden says, “It is my favorite holiday, EVER!” This is the first year that we are going to dress up the babies and take them trick or treating. I can’t wait, they are all going to be so cute. Are you going to dress up? I think that I am going to be a pumpkin.

What to see what I am going to look like?

Only kidding. My ass would be much larger, hehehehehe. Ok, I’m done.

Today is going to be a very busy day for us. Busy like I am trying to fit way to much stuff into one day kind of busy. I am thinking that there will not be much blogging going on but you know me, I will sneak it in when and where I can.

I promise that I will be back this weekend. I will be posting all the Halloween fun and going on the SITS Halloween Parade. I can’t wait to see all the cute costumes and ‘pooky’ goodness that everyone has.

Also this weekend, Jeff (that is right, he is the master mind) is going to give a demonstration as to how to make those pancakes I teased you with last weekend. There will be photos, step by step instructions and maybe a video or two.

So until then, I hope that every one has a wonderful and safe Halloween. And please, try save some of the candy for the kids.

I got this lovely from Lisa at Adventure in JujuBoo, she Boo’d me.

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