Writer’s Workshop: The Wonderful Life of the Water Bottle.

Hello there! I am Jen’s water bottle. I am one of her favorite things and I go just about everywhere she does. We go together like, well, carrots and peas. I am going to give you a little look into my life with Jen.
I just love to be filled up with icy, cold water. After the bottles handed out and coffee is made, I am the next thing that she will reach for. Then I go to the spout and get all the cold lovely goodness poured into me. I just fit perfectly under the spout in the fridge. We were made for each other, the fridge and I, we are after all have a torrid affair. But don’t tell Jen. She thinks she is my one on only but then again, she does spend at of time with that white chair thing in the other room. Do you think there could be something between them. Well then, maybe I don’t feel so bad about Fridgy.

Sometimes, I get away from her, not on purpose. Those kids, especially the older one, love to take drinks from me. He is always asking, “Mom, can I have a drink from your water bottle?” Then he puts his slobbery kid lips on me, *shiver* kids.
Some times I even get lost among all the toys. But I have no worries. Jen will find me, eventually. She wouldn’t even think about using another water glass.

We often go out together. Somehow, I always end up on the floor. I start out on the seat but usually fly off and roll around all over the van. That van is such a crazy driver. I have seen some very unpleasant things in that van. To unpleasant to speak of but mostly chocolate milk cheese and candy stuck to the floor.

Ah, next to the keyboard while Jen creates. It is such a magical place. She is such a good little blogger and loved by so many. She of course would never say so but I see what a loyal following she has.
We see all kinds of fun things and she hydrates herself, so she won’t get finger cramps from all the typing, well she reads and talks to all sorts of lovely people.

Lastly, and probably the best place of all, is right on Jen’s lips as she sips the cool water from me. I am just so loved *sigh* heaven. What more could a water bottle ask for? Well maybe some more time with Fridgy but that is another post.

This post was brought to you by the prompts from Mama Kat’s
Writer’s Workshop Thursday.

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