A Weekend Away, Wine Included

A couple weekends ago, Jeff and I got to get away with some friends for the weekend. The WHOLE weekend!
It was 2 glorious nights and days of kid free living. No schedules, no bath time, no bed time routines, no picking up toys, no Mommy I needed you, no Daddy will you play with me?
Just pure adult fun. Did I mention that is was a wine tasting weekend?
(My liver sure knows this well)

We lived it up. We ate dinner at 9pm instead of going to bed, we danced to Neil Diamond instead of Laurie Berkner, we walked lazily down the street instead of hurrying in and out of stores, we had actual conversations and we had wine before noon and after noon.

We enjoyed good food, good drinks and good friends.

We walked a long way; to half way between the equator and the north pole.

And best of all, we enjoyed picture perfect weather, scenery only written about in poetry and the fall color that nature could muster.

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This Wordful Wednesday, once again brought to you by Angie.


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