I Don’t Want to Share!

This morning, my blogging time was cut short. It was not because the kids were screaming, or because I finally gave into the call of the dirty house or sink full of breakfast dishes. It was because of this…

“Mommy, I want to play the computer. Mommy, when I can I play the computer? Mommy, Pleeeeeeeease can I play the computer?”

He asked over and over again until I could not stand the whining and I gave in for the sake of sanity. You see, he just recently mastered the skill of playing the games on his own. He loves it.

So now, I have found the time to get things done. Hayden is engrossed in his game, the babies are playing or sleeping. I can tackle all my chores. But I don’t want to do that. I want to play on the computer! I have e-mail to check, blogs to read and tweets to post. You know, important stuff.

On the other hand, maybe I could go and take a nap. The house will still be dirty when I get up, right!?!


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