For Lack of a Better Title: Pumpkin Carving

Tonight, we did it. We finally did it. We carved our pumpkins, well to be more accurate, Jeff carved the pumpkins.
We still have more to do. We had the bright idea that every one in the family needed a pumpkin, that means that there are 6 pumpkins to clean and carve. So far, we have done 4.
But don’t fear, Jeff is a pumpkin carving fool and they all will be carved. I can promise you that. So here are some photos of our pumpkin carving adventures.

First here is a picture of Claire.
I put pigtails in her hair and she is just so darn cute in her pigtail and pumpkin shirt, I had to take a picture and share.

Now onto the pumpkin carving.

Posted by Picasa
Hayden kept saying, “I want to do the candles, I am so excited about the candles. I want to see them all pooky.”

Here they are all lit up and oh so “pooky.”


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