An Animal-less Zoo

My mother-in-law called me the other day and had a great idea of taking the kids to the zoo. She, of course, wanted to go with us and the kids, well Hayden, were all for this plan.

So off we went to the Zoo. It was a beautiful day, what could be bad about going to the zoo? Well nothing, unless of course there are no animals out. Thats right, the staff told us that the animals are only let out on the weekend.
Have you ever heard of such a thing, weekend animals?

Here is Jake trying to look at, well I don’t know because there was not any animals in there.

Here is Claire dancing out side of the petting zoo. Yup, there were animals there and they were out in the yard but we were not allowed in. Apparently, animals in the petting zoo can only get pet on the weekend.

We did find one place where there was some animals, the tropical frog exhibit. Hayden, of course, loved this. He is a big frog boy. The babies were not very impressed and this little room was so crowded. Can you guess why?

These are some of the frogs that we saw.

Here is the last shot from out zoo trip. Hayden actually asked me, “Mom, what kind animal is that? I don’t think that I have seen an animal like that before.”
So that was our trip. I guess there is always a first time for everything. This was the first time, I had to pay for a walk (actually, my MIL had a free pass and thank goodness or I would have been really upset).

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