All Around the House

I found this meme while I was out surfing some other blogs. I don’t remember where I found it (sorry who’s ever this was) but I thought it was really fun.
The premise is this, take picture of these 10 house-hold items but there is no primping or preparing allowed (it was really hard not to ‘stage’ things). The pictures of the items are to be taken as they are at that were moment. So here we go.

The Fridge.

Full of all the good-for-you yumminess.

The Closet

This is our coat/storage/game closet.

The Kitchen Sink

This is actually pretty good. Dishes are just not high on my priority list.

The Toilet

This is the bathroom that we use most often and the one that the babies get into the most. That is the reason behind the missing role of toilet paper.

Favorite Shoes
I had to include 2 pairs. This one I just love because as on of my friends told me, they are very fashion forward. I love how I feel when I wear these shoes.

This is my second favorite and the ones that I wear the most often. They are comfortable, practical and easy to get on and off.
I guess you could say these 2 pairs of shoes represent the 2 sides to my personality.

What are the kids doing right now?
Hayden is watching TV, they babies are ‘playing’ while they toddle around the house following me as I go.

Favorite Room

My Kitchen. I love it, it is the center of the house and the room that I spend the most time in.

Laundry Pile

Thats not too bad.

Self Portrait

This is a collection of photographs in my bedroom. I just love this. I love looking at it and remembering when Hayden was a tiny baby (that is me and him on the left) and when the babies were first born (top right). This is what I am calling my self portrait, its me with my kids, my life.

Dream Vacation

My dream vacation would be go to go Paris and well, lets face it, I would love to tour all of Europe. It seems so amazing to me. The people, the history, the places, and the food. Oh, I want to go so badly. I can’t wait.

Ok, now you. You try it and let me know in the comment section that you did it. It is kinda fun and I think is a way for people to learn a little more about you. So go on, try it, I DARE you.


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