Good Times at Camp Henry Part III: Little Owies

This is the series on our camp vacation
Part I
Part II

So it was bound to happen. There is uneven ground everywhere and you almost cannot walk with out tripping over something. Plus all my children are related to me which means they all inherited the clumsy gene in some form or another.
We had lots of falls and skinned knees, a first for the babies. Hayden and I, on the other hand, managed to stay injury free. Jeff was most please with this accomplishment, especially knowing my history.

Jake fell on a step and got a good scrape on his cheek. It turned a nasty blue/yellow color by the end of the week.

Claire tripped and skinned her knee. Here she is getting her very first band-aid. Hayden was totally jealous and constantly commented that he needed one.

Quinn fell not once but twice skinning both knees. They were not band-aid worthy and I really don’t have a picture of them. So, I know this is not a great picture of him but its what I have.

Up Next: Carnival


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